Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August Winds!

Home early today, and while I sit out on the patio, although it's quite warm, the winds are howling!  That's a good sign for us, I think.  The promise of good spring rains, and the knowledge that spring is around the corner.  The sun is setting later, and rising earlier!  I love it when the seasons "behave" as they should!  Looking forward to warmer weather and a summer garden!  Looking forward to our holiday at the beach, looking forward to happy days ... just looking forward!
Sandton Skyline at Dusk!



you....looking forward to Spring
me....looking forward to Autumn.

Both great seasons of the year. I hope your rains are more 'fruitful' that what we've been getting here.

Enjoy the warm promising breezes. Loved the shared photo.

cat said...

I am literally craving Spring

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

We are in the midst of hot and humid here right now - the last week of summer before school starts next Tues. Some leaves have already turned colour. I love Fall, but hate what comes next. Enjoy!