Monday, August 19, 2013

You don’t stop having fun when you’re old ...

... you're old when you stop having fun – so the saying goes! I had another fun filled week-end. It started off
  • with the Bloodstock Horse Sales at Gosforth Park in Germiston. Turned into a night full of fun, with guest appearances from Jon Bon Jovi (AKA Rob Scott) and Dancing Queen, which ... maybe wasn't that good! But it was fun!
  • Saturday mani and then lunch with the girls. Mel and her sisters went all out in preparing some Biryani and Butter Chicken – and a table laden with sweet things ... cheesecake, trifle ... too much to mention. Needless to say – we all ate too much, and I had a much needed early night!
  • Sunday saw my second run – mmm – my health kick has kicked in, and I am running every second morning. I cannot believe how much more energy I have after I have finished. I even got creative on Sunday morning. After a visit to the local hardware store, I decided to start working on a little project – yes, a teeny tiny one. It didn't take long, and I am thrilled with the results.

Looking forward to a quick week – who knows what next week-end has in store! J


Firefly said...

I so need to start running again. I fully agree, when you get going you do start to feel different.

Jeanette said...

So where's the pic of the project?
good for you for running!

HOOTIN ANNI said... that you're done with YOURS...come do some for me! I'd love the spices in little jars. I'm gonna hafta do that someday soon. How clever.

Running? More power to you!!! My son was an avid runner for years, even ran a couple of marathons in he's got bad knees. I would say from all the running he did prior, but I can't tell him that. He'd not agree.

I'm a walker...more stable on the back and legs and knees. 3 miles one way. But, in the heat and humidity, it's cut real short to 1 mile one way. LOL