Thursday, August 29, 2013

Impulsive Decisions!

Little boxes all matching line my cupboard shelves. Filled with treasures and practical "stuff". Easy to find – and neat!

Grocery lists carefully written, dairy products listed together, meat, cleaning products – categorized!
Week-end arrangements made in advance and diarised so that there can be no confusion, and no double bookings!

Holidays planned with leave forms completed and approved!
No impulsive decisions – everything carefully thought through!

Sunday night – sudden decision. No time to think about. Tickets booked, bag packed. No telling anyone. Surprise visit - reasons ... but impulsive nonetheless!

Rush into office Monday morning. Put in 2 days leave. Check diary for meetings and re-schedule. "Out of Office" on and before I know it we're on our way to the airport. Anxious and heart beating furiously, I cannot believe I am boarding a flight to Durban. I did not expect to be back before September. As the plane taxi's along the runway, I start to settle. Quietly doing a check list in my head, hoping I haven't forgotten anything. 
 Two unexpected days out of the office, no normal routine.

Oh my Gosh – is this the age of living dangerously?


Jeanette said...

Love it :) it's the best kind of trip!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Oh wow! Good for you, I would never in a hundred years be able to do that. Hope you had a really great time, Janet - you deserve it!

Rebecca Lobb said...

What life is about!!!


Living on the spur moment of making a decision to just enjoy life on a whim for fun, relaxation and all too exciting for much planning. Sounds like the best kind of trip ever!!

You are one that most heartily deserves this special treat for yourself...indeed. And enjoy!!!