Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Club Week-end away!

We waited all year for this getaway trip and it did not disappoint at all!  We've been called the BBC, Club, The Wine Club with a Book Problem :) but most of all, we're known as the BEST BOOK CLUB and have (believe it or not) a waiting list of girls who want to join!  We've been going for 7, 8 years - oh I can't remember, and it doesn't matter!  We're great friends, have fabulous evenings and wouldn't change anything about our first Thursdays of the month, or our annual getaway!

No need for too many words, I'll tell the story with pictures!  Enjoy!

Nothing better than a road trip to Parys, via Fochville - lunch at the Kraalkop Hotel, built in 1931, RDP houses and wide open spaces with black storm clouds!
An amazing hotel, with a trip in a taxi and a very able driver, called Mr Jonas!
An amazing veneu, with beautiful décor and delicious food!
Fabulous friends!
An amazing artist!
Rounded off with a champagne breakfast at the Pary Airfield on Sunday morning!
Do we HAVE to wait another year until the next one?


Rebecca Louise. said...

Can I join!?

Anni said...

Wonderful....and to top it off, a champagne breakfast. Wow.


sorry....^that above comment is from me....Hootin' Anni [I was still in my bird blog admin. Just thinking champagne made me goof up. ;o)

Jenty said...

Looks like it was an awesome weekend!!

Firefly said...

Looks like a super girls weekend away. Hope you all behaved. I like the way you posted the pics.

cat said...

Our bookclub also has a waiting list and when someone leaves there is always much muttering about who next to choose as we keep our number at 11. WE also have great fun but we have never doen a weekend away. A lot of us have small kids so it makes it a bit more difficult.

Janet said...

LOL Anni - I realised it was you! :)

Janet said...
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~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

How fun, Janet! Looks like you had a great time, with good friends. I bet you are looking forward to next year already.

Happy Halloween!