Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog Challenge – Post 2

The Meaning behind your blog name!

I never had any intention of starting a blog – I had no idea really, what blogging was all about. What I DID do, was send a weekly email to our family and friends all over the world, sending them our bits of news. I used to write "Greetings from Gauteng" in the subject line.

I began feeling that perhaps my newsy email might not be appreciated by all, and when I received an email from one of the recipients asking me to remove them from my list, I realised that not everyone was interested in hearing about our antics, and that perhaps my email was an irritation to some! So I decided to stop it altogether.

At the same time, my colleague and friend Jenty had recently had a baby, who was premature and in NICU. She started a blog in order to update all those interested in her little boy's progress. I started reading her blog and after some time, decided that I would give it a go! It seemed natural that I would call my blog "Greetings from Gauteng" after my weekly email! Although I never kept it private, it took me a long to tell anyone about it! Once I did spread the word, I was surprised at how quickly my readers grew! I will never forget how excited I was to get my first comment!

My first blog post entry was posted on the 17th April 2008 – seems like such a long time ago!


cat said...

Great to know the origin behind it!

Firefly said...

I always wondered where the name came from.


That was cool!!! I really liked reading the 'history' of your blog and how you began.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I love visiting you and chatting with a friend on the other side of the globe. Your history is great, and I am so glad you made the choice to blog.