Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog Challenge – Post 3

My favourite Television programme!

OK! So this is where my family laugh – I am NOT a huge television fan, and would probably say my favourite programmes have something to do with cooking! I love all the Jamie Oliver programmes, I like MasterChef – I like flicking through the Food Channels and often find something that I enjoy BUT, my best favourite programme of all time has to be ….

….."My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!"

Yes, I know it's not educational or deep, I know it's probably a whole lot of junk to a whole lot of people, but I really do find it fascinating. I find it unbelievable almost, that in their loud, common way, they try so hard to keep their traditions alive. Their staunch view on sex before marriage, and the strict way in which they watch and monitor their children, almost contrary to the way they dress and behave! I enjoy seeing the real people, I think. A breed of their own. I find it sad, that those who try and break away from the bad reputation are ostracized and pushed out, because of it. I take my hat off to the girls who want to further their education, and want more stability for their children!

I find it quite entertaining and won't apologise for holding my breath as I wait for each new episode!

Photograph courtesy of "Google"



I will definitely NOT show Bud this photo you shared...he's a big boob fan [not boob and in nerd, but well, you know] LOL

Hey? I find nothing wrong with being entertained. If your favorite is your favorite....I say, why not?

I liked, at one time when we actually was hooked up to cable TV, watching the Food Network once in a while also.

Firefly said...

I haven't seen the gypsey wedding show. Its probably on DSTV. I love reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race and at the moment I make sure not to miss the Ultimate Baai Master on SABC 3 on Thursday night. Its Master Chef over the coals.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Oh my days this programme has taken the UK by storm!