Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've been feeling uninspired! I miss blogging, but I just don't know what to write about anymore and I don't want to lose it completely, so I have been doing some thinking WRACKING MY BRAINS!

One of the things that I am really sorry about it, is that Mom never wrote down the memoirs she talked about. I have decided to do some research and once a week I am going to write a post called "Bring back the Past!" I want to document some of the things I remember in the hopes that the stories will live on. Mom's cousins Trish and Jeff, will be sure to have some stories to tell, so I might ask them to write a guest post for me now and again – to help keep the stories alive!

It's time for "new" I think – time to get rid of the old (we have a whole bunch of junk collected over the last 12 years) and bring in the new (house needs painting, and clutter needs changing)! There now – I'm feeling better already!

Now, let's see if this Windows 7 works, and if my blog can be posted!


Rebecca Louise. said...

I love that idea about bring back to past. It would make a lovely read :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

The point of a blog is to ramble and hope that someone reads it. It doesn't have to take much thought at all

Let the words that pop into head, fall onto the keyboard. Bam! Next Post.

works for me

Riley Kai said...

I'm just glad to know you are still out there and doing well! Love your idea for new post! Terrific idea! Can't wait to read:-)

Love Bears All Things said...

I think this is a great idea...I've done a few posts about things like that....Honey Bear and I were talking about the way grocery stores were when we were growing up...So many stories about the "good 'ole Days" that we can capture in writing for our grandchildren and any others who come after....I used to think our world hadn't changed all that much, not as much as it did in our parents' lives, but then I think about the electronic age our grandchildren are living in and I know it has.
I was telling the Princess this week that we didn't have AC when I was in school and how miserable we were at this time of year.
Keep blogging,
Mama Bear

Avril said...

Fantastic - good idea about the 'down memory lane' posts. It'll be good for you.
I also had 'writer's block' when I had screws loose in my head/lost a few marbles :) and even now I don't spend too much time blogging - don't have an awful lot of time during the day (especially can't go onto computer in afternoons with the boys are here - Bradley often wants to play computer games when he's finished homework, tired of TV and generally bored!) I also don't go on much in evenings when hubby home from work (unless he's away on business!)
Enjoying my garden more having spent about 9 months not liking it much! Am also getting into cupboards etc .. doing the decluttering 'thing' - it all helps. Inspiration will come .. give it time.
Thinking of you x x x

Wendy said...

Just about every blogger i know and have known since my first blog some time back in 2001 has had time where the words don't come and you kinda muddle through. Sometimes, the best one has to offer to a quote see somewhere. Remember, enjoy it. Don't write for the reader, write for you.

I'm enjoying my visit ... a fellow Gautenger :-)