Friday, April 8, 2011

And it’s WHOSE fault?

How are we expected to behave as citizens of our country? I guess that's not a difficult question … besides paying our taxes, contributing to the community, abiding by the law – you now, the normal "stuff"! What should WE as citizens expect? Well, one of the things I feel entitled to is my passport. I was born and bred in South Africa. I have a valid identity document and driver's license. I pay my taxes and have been in possession of a South African passport since my 16th birthday. I have travelled abroad and been granted VISA's to visit faraway places, so it came as quite a huge shock to me, when, on applying for a new passport (my old one had expired) – I was politely informed that I couldn't have one!


"You have TWO identity numbers" was the response! After 47 years, "how can I have two identity numbers?" "We should be asking YOU that!" was the Home Affairs CLERK's response! Well, I lost it. My sense of humor as well as my patience with the idiot behind the counter! Demanding an appointment with the head of home affairs in Randburg, I was told not to worry! That there was clearly a filing error in Pretoria and that it would be sorted out – no problem! Hmmm – two years later!

Upon checking the information on the Home Affairs data base, there are 2 ID numbers reflected under my name!

"Kindly visit your nearest Home Affairs office and submit the following:

  • A full set of finger prints
  • Two recent photographs
  • A notice of birth application
  • An affidavit
  • A baptismal certificate or school letter
  • A copy of my ID book and drivers license
  • A renouncement letter
  • A copy of my marriage certificate
  • An affidavit that I am still alive
  • The identity number of my daughter

These documents will enable them to do an investigation to solve the duplication!

I have broken no law, I do not even have an outstanding traffic fine – some half wit in Pretoria, misfiled either my documents, or the poor woman whose ID number is linked to mine. Clearly she knows nothing about it yet – probably hasn't applied for a passport. It now becomes MY problem to prove that I am alive and entitled to my passport …

… And it's WHOSE fault?

I am pissed off really angry!

PS Have been able to read your blogs and post mine through Word, but our Firewall is blogging the comment facility – will get commenting as soon as my Modem at home is fixed – think it was struck by lightning!


Love Bears All Things said...

When it rains it pours or bad luck comes in Mom always said...and she said not to get to comfortable when life was going great because I was in for a fall....
Wow, having to prove you are who you are and that you're alive...cannot imagine it but can see why you're pissed....
I may have missed some posts but remember we're still following.
Mama Bear

Avril said...

Very very annoying !! All time consuming, a hassle and unneccessary !!
My hubby has two numbers too but it's never been a problem. His cars that he buys always have his old number on registrations and no matter what changes he makes on forms etc this number always shows up on computers. He uses his 'new' number for everything including passport renewal, visas (which he gets often for business) etc. The change came years ago when we all had our numbers changed (I think it was when they put bar codes on our ID's?) He still has his old book in case of hassles over speeding fines etc (oh but then of course you didn't have the old blue books - you are much younger :) !!! .. never has a problem with speeding fines as they go to his new number - very confusing !!!

Firefly said...

Feeling better now?

This really is no laughing matter. There truly are so many bumbling idiots working in government departments these days that things like this is become everyday occurances.

Marcelle said...

I'm dumb struck by this situation you find yourself and also am not surprised after all its AFRICA...very sad I know.
I really hope you can get this sorted out as its no joke not having a passport in todays times.
Keep updating us on your situation.

Tell Hubs, MY Hubs in in Richard's Bay on business at the moment.

Rebecca Louise. said...

How unnecessary!!! Although it does not surprise me. There are some very annoying people out there!