Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ke Nako!

It is time!

6 Years ago we watched Sepp Blatter pull a little piece of white paper from a box and it read "SOUTH AFRICA"!  Many people had their doubts ... they asked Australia to bail us out ... but we are ready! More ready than any of us imagined ... and we are HAPPY to welcome thousands of foreign supporters to our land of sunshine and smiles!

I have never been more proud to be South African!  I was one of those very lucky people to be in Sandton yesterday supporting our team!

It was phenominal! It was exciting! It united us all!

Is that an elephant trumpet? No, it's a Vuvuzela!  That rich African sound that has become synonymous with soccer in our country! 

No-one was confused - we were united - although we were there to support our national team, we welcomed every supporter with open arms ... we laughed, we loved ...

Children of all ages waited in anticipation to see their soccer heros ...."BOOOOOOOTH!"

Companies impressed with their decorations - flags fluttering in the breeze, adding their support to Bafana Bafana ... no, not only to Bafana Bafana (our national team - meaning "the boys"), but to the spirit of the World Cup. To the honour of hosting it and to the nations that join us!

I sit tonight and write my blog as the opening concert plays!  The Black Eyed Peas are singing "Tonights going to be a good night!"  I think its more than that - this months going to be a good month! This world cup is uniting our people, making us one ... and that's a good thing!



Jeanette said...

#wakawaka!! It's gonna be a good day today :) Love the post Janet!

Anonymous said...

what an inspiring post Janet I felt the excitment..

Firefly said...

I have always been proud to be a South Africa. With all its problems, this country still stays my home and the wonderful place it is. I have high hopes for SA to fix its problems and are often accused of looking at it through rose coloured specticles. But like you say, I have never been as proud to be South African as I am now.

Marcelle said...

You were lucky indeed...can feel the spirit of this World cup right here in my lounge is so huge in also proud!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

The energy from those photos are amazing!!! Thanks for hosting it.

junef said...

Lovely posting. We are also feeling so proud. JuneF

pam said...

I am excited just reading your post.