Sunday, June 13, 2010

Waka Waka ... it's time for Africa!

Give me freedom, give me fire,
give me reason, take me higher,
See the champions
take the field now,
you define us, make us feel proud
in the streets our heads are lifting,
as we lose our, inhibition,
Celebration, it's around us,
every nations, all around us!
(Coca-Cola remix)

We had a lovely lunch with friends today, who live on the Eastrand. On our way home, I wondered why P took the South bound highway past Alberton, but once we reached the Nasrec turn off I knew where he was taking us. We went past the Soccer City stadium. I had heard that no photograph does it justice ... well seeing it in real life, I understood why! It is an amazing building. With the sun setting behind the building, it was just beautiful.

He then took us into Soweto - one of the largest "Townships" in the country. We were welcomed into a tiny "shebeen" in Mookie Road. The publican there was a man called Ace, and the shebeen was right opposite the Orlando Stadium. Ace welcomed us with open arms. He was so happy to have a white family visit his establishment, and we have made a decision to visit him again ... soon! We watched the Serbia/Ghana game at the shebeen and enjoyed discussing the football with Ace and his wife.

As I write my blog tonight, Germany are 4 - 0 up in their game against Australia and I realise that this is a time of uniting - I really don't care who wins the world cup (although I would be THRILLED if it were SA!) - this is a time where 32 countries in the world are united in a game that they love! I am so thankful that my country got the opportunity to host this wonderful event! As one of the commentators tonight said "SA have welcomed the world joyously!"

That makes me proud!


Judith Schultz said...

you every right to be proud of SA and I hope that all the publicity that is circling world will help SA and Waka Waka to you too!! lol

pam said...

It is very exciting, sort of like the winter olympics was for us this past Feb.

My son is going to African Lion Safari tomorrow with his school, if you can imagine...they are taking 280 children! African Lion Safari is a free range park which you drive through. I asked him if he was excited, he said scared...a monkey might get him:)

Hayley said...

Oh wow, your post gave me goosebumps!

I am still in awe at this country right now...its such an amazing time!! I am off to Soccer City on Thursday...I cannot wait!

Avril said...

What a nice day !!! Haven't seen our stadium (only when they were building it) so need to do what you did !!

Marcelle said...

Wow this is truly amazing.
I see on TV there is lots of action happening at the shabeens with all the countries TV presenters visiting at the moment to report back to their countries.
So good to see everyone unite the way they are.

Firefly said...

I have seen so many pictures of Soccer City, but would love to see it for myself. I will try my best on my next Jhb trip.