Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

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Janet said...

Why post a picture of an apple? LOL! It's not an apple ... it's a GRAPPLE! A genetically moderated apple - smells and tastes like a grape! A friend bought one at Checkers this week! I wish I could share the gentle fragrance that emits from this fruit! It is soft and sweet, but not too sweet! Almost like a grape slush drink, but nicer! It's incredible, but comes at quite a hectic price - R8.00 a piece! I could buy a thrift pack of apples at Woolies for a little more than that! LOL!

Avril said...

Ooookaaay!! Glad you explained! what are the feathers for? Will have to go to Checkers to have a look!
Thanks for your comment on my WW - and I agree with you - to have places like that to 'pop into' on a Sat afternoon or whatever would be wonderful - almost making time stand still for a while!!
My SIL is always posting photos on her FB of places they visit over weekends. They've been living there now for about 10 years and not really explored the countryside as they are now -(maybe I am influencing them, coz I always want to go 'out and about' when I stay with them - visiting my Mum) - and I've always said how lucky they are!!
My yoga friend is going for the weekend to Stellenbosch to see her daughter at Varsity - so envious!! Maybe a trip to see my Mum is needed soon!!

Life Ramblings said...

nice entry and thanks for the interpretion on the fruit. happy WW!

Corey~living and loving said...

I have to say......those pics had/have me perplexed. I loved learning about the Grapple, but still wondering about the first shot. tee hee

Ayie said...

not an apple? i wonder how that grapple tastes! very intriguing that it smells and tastes like grapes. i like your ww post =)

happy ww!