Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bonding Time!

I'm off to Assegai for the week-end. My Mum has been fretting. I haven't seen her since Stacey's 21st and she keeps asking when I am coming. Monday is a Bank Holiday in South Africa,
so I decided to take the bull by the horns and book myself a ticket. Stacey is in Bloem for her father's wedding, and I am leaving P behind to hold the fort and look after the animals!
I arrive in Durban at 08h10 on Saturday morning and back in Johannesburg on Tuesday at 08h00
which means I can go straight to the office!
It will be good - going to have the family over for lunch / dinner one day, so I will see them all. Cousin Kevin and his family arrive from the States on Saturday in Durban, so hopefully will see them too!
I spoke to Colin this morning and he says the weather is beautiful! Maybe I won't have mist this time!

Maybe we'll have blue skies and hot sunshine!
Maybe I'll see the view from Colin's house like I did the last time!
Escape from chilly Jozi to the warm sunshine of KwaZulu Natal!
Oh I am looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it. Going to KZN for a long weekend the 28th to visit Patricia.
Love to all. Michelle

Firefly said...

Enjoy the trip and take it easy. Don't worry about P. He'll probably invite the boys over for Sat's Bok game, order pizza and consume dubious amounts of wine and beer. But otherwise he should behave himself.

I love that first pic.

pam said...

Have a great time visiting family. Safe travels:)

Love Bears All Things said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with your Mom.
Mama Bear

Marcelle said...

Durban has been cold as well lately but hear its warmed sister hates the cold so has been complaining a lot.
My family are all up there next week for the wedding.

Avril said...

Enjoy your trip and safe home again!
Assegai is very picturesque - we have driven along those windy roads up and down the hills. Carl (my son)and Nicole lived in Hillcrest for a few years when they first got married.
Enjoy your time with your Mum and Dad.
Did you see J's FB - C has tonsilitis! Went to a doctor this afernoon referred by a Twitter buddy - I sent her Dr Botha's no. but she decided to go to the other doc. No matter - at least C will now be on the mend with anti biotics