Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Travels!

As promised last week, I have decided to talk about some of our travels on Tuesdays! I am going to start with our trip to Poland in 2000 – inspired by Avril’s post about Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral)! Hope you enjoy my Tuesday’s Travels!

P’s sister, Caroline and her family, were living in Krakow, Poland and we decided to spend Christmas 2000 with them. It was quite an adventure for me as I had never been to Europe in the winter and was looking forward to my first White Christmas! We left Johannesburg on the 18th December and flew into Munich. We spent the day in Munich and then flew into Warsaw where we caught a train to Krakow!

Two days of travelling were the start of a wonderful holiday, where we experienced so many different things – a different culture and experiences to change our lives and make us so thankful for what we have and how blessed we really are!

We left Johannesburg at 30 degrees C and arrived in a rather chilly Munich -6! From swimming costume to warm winter woollies in a matter of hours! Brrrr! It was cold but so worth it!

In the pool at home about an hour before we left - enjoying the sunshine!
Arrived in Munich at the crack of dawn. No shops were open but we found a little coffee shop and warmed ourselves u with hot coffee and pastries! Yum!
We headed off for the local Christmas Market. It was called "Kristkindel Mark" and we saw the most beautiful Christmassy things!
Now a Christmas market would just not be the same without a steaming mug of Gluwein to warm the cockles of ones heart!
We went into the town and in the window of one of the large retail stores, they had animated Steiff animals displayed in a Christmas theme! It was the most beautiful Christmas display that I have ever seen!
Warm, roasted nuts in a Munchen park!
Off to Krakow on the train! Be sure to pop in next Tuesday - we'll be visiting Auschwitz!


Shaun said...

Nice post. Always love hearing and seeing stories of other people's travels.

Would have loved to have seen the Christmas market !

Riley Kai said...

I love the idea of this post! I'm a history buff and would love to travel! Poland is on my to do list! Thanks for your sweet comment too. We know that the house is in the Lord's hands but we are growing impatient. The U.S. economy has really effected home sells. We tried to price low because of this, but looks like we will have to go even lower. I'll keep you updated and please keep the travel post coming!

Marcelle said...

Oh Janet, looking at the photo's of the christmas markets makes me break out in a sweat...I feel as if I havent had a long enough summer and soon winter and Xmas will be upon us here in Germany again.
I do love the Xmas markets and the whole winter atmosphere, but right now I cant bare to think about it...LOL...
Glad you had a good time though. Looking forward to your next entry as its a place I want to visit in Poland.

Avril said...

Ooooh - interesting!! What a difference .. from pool to bundled up!!
Looking forward to next weeks! although I'm sure it's a very very sad place to see.
Hope Stacey's dad's wedding is a memorable affair!

aussiechic said...

G'day - thanks for your lovely comment re my driving incident......so you experienced a winter in Europe eh?? Bloody freezing eh?? I know the feeling - living in NY it is SO cold during the winter months - there have been days when it is just too cold to go outside....seriously. But at Christmas time - it is just so pretty.....gorgeous. Love your travels......

Firefly said...

I've been to Europe once and would love to go again, specially in winter. You look like a nun of some sorts in that second pic. LOL.
I must say I am really looking forward to next week's post.

pam said...

Thanks for taking me along. Love the Christmas display as well.