Friday, August 14, 2009

Favourite Things!

While reading Rebecca’s blog yesterday, and having a love for “The Sound of Music”, just like her, I thought this was a fun way of YOU getting to know ME! Here are some of MY favourite things!

  • My family - "I don't care how poor a man is, if he has family he is rich!"  How true! Make no mistake we have our ups and downs, but I love my family and the greatest happiness I have, is seeing my family together, they're God's gift to me!

  • Birthday Cards - I know that they're expensive, but I love reading the words!  And I like choosing birthday cards!  I remember so clearly the joy at receiving a birthday card in the post when I was a little girl.  Somehow we have lost that tradition and replaced it with technology - sad!
  • French Champagne - it's expensive here, about 55 GBP, so I don't often get to buy it, but I have a brother who knows how much I love it and he ocassionaly spoils me with a bottle!

  • Prawns - especially when they come from Chiurresquera in the deep South - crispy, garlicy, scrumptious prawns - a real treat on a Sunday afternoon!
  • Holidays - I love the ocean - the salty smell and taste on my lips! The crunchy sand between my toes and the warm water lapping around my ankles.  I also love the mountains, that crisp, clear air that catches your lungs and the sheer beauty of the hills and dales!  Holidays ... oh, anywhere!  Are my favourite things!
  • Lavender and a Golden Treasury of poetry - two things that remind me so much of my Grandmother, who I called GAYVA!  I love paging carefully through her book which she gave her son in 1938 - I look at her handwriting and remember it so well.  The soft smell of lavender reminds me of her, all cuddled up as a little girl while she read us stories - fond memories!
  • My collection of musicals - I LOVE them, each and everyone, from Fiddler on the Roof to Sound of Music, from Evita to The Rocky Horror Picture show!  I have those pictured below as well as MANY more, Grease, Cats - you name it, I have it!  And don't we have fun singing to the old songs! 

  • Chanel No 5 - my signature fragrance - my most favourite perfume!  It's been on sale since 1921 and in my mind is a legend!  I always feel extra special when I wear it - indulgent and luxurious! Ha!  Pity I can't afford to wear it every day!
My, I have so many favourite things that I could on forever!  Early morning sunrises in the bush, the sound of a lion roar, the call of a Fisheagle (a real sound of Africa),  hedges of yellow Bankshire Roses, strawberries and cream!
What are your favourite things?


Avril said...

Wow - such a lot of different things!! You're a happy person!!
You missed out one thing - you love cooking!

Firefly said...

I think the two of us would have a ball planning a holiday together.
I should try this "meme" at some stage.

Love Bears All Things said...

This is beautiful. Those shrimp sure are big.
I still send cards through the mail. I try to send them to many people on their Birthday. I don't always remember and sometimes a phone call has to suffice.
Your list is great.
Mama Bear

Hayley said...

What a great post, think i might just copy you and do it myself!

Marcelle said...

Such a lovely post this one...I will try do one this week as well about my favourite things..thanks Janet..

Anonymous said...

a variety of favourite things all, of which, are delightful. I have some beautiful smelling lavender in my garden at the moment just about ready to be picked. love Judith

Jeanette said...

What a stunning post!!

pam said...

How sweet about your grandmother...lovely memories!!

I agree about the cards...send me your address in my email, I would love to send you one:) That would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet - Yes I will be thinking of you!! :) That was one of the reasons why I called my blog 'just keep it simple' I was suddenly became aware how cluttered my life and house was becoming. Alot of my stuff I will be taking to a charity shop near me which raises money for a local children's hospice. Have another blog now called 'Walk Thou With Me Today' to do with my walking to lose weight - hope you will be able to join me there too!! and maybe share some of your walking experiences? Judith

Marcelle said...

Hello Janet, the email address phillip sent me is wrong I got it back as not delivered.

Please tell him my hubby is South African from the midlands, and wants to know what year and where did he go to army....

My email address is of he wants to mail me directly.

Am off for a jog now...eaten too much sweets this morning while cleaning.

Heinz asked this as well

[12:39:10] Heinz: ask him if he was with a Dieter Kassier together ?

Rebecca Louise. said...

Really enjoyed this Janet and I do feel I know you better. I loved the bit about your grandmother as it reminded me of mine =) xxx