Monday, August 17, 2009

Horse Sales!

Colin, my younger brother, was in Johannesburg for the Emperors Palace National Two-Year-Old sale which was held at Gosforth Park in Germiston. It’s the first time I have been to the sales and P and I really had a lovely afternoon. The nature of the sale lends itself to some good buys. It comes at a time in the year when breeders are keen to sell their babies that did not make the National sale earlier in the year. Also, the development of a foal from a yearling to a two year-old is sometimes quite surprising.

The signpost to the Two Year Old sales held at Gosforth Park in Germiston.
The old sand track used for training

Some of the horses became quite agitated in the ring, especially the colts who knew there were some pretty fillies standing around. I wondered what made them so excited and then I learnt that these horses have come straight from the farms. They are not trained or broken in. They are used to running freely in green paddocks. Suddenly, they are in with crowds of other horses, people and new smells! They walk around the parade ring and hear the babble of the auctioneer hoping to bring the hammer down on some good prices. They’re still babies. From the sales they go to trainers to be pre-trained. My brothers horses go to a lady called Jayne. She breaks them in and prepares them for the real world of training.She has a lovely farm in Mooi River. When they’re ready for racing, Colin takes over and prepares them for the next step.
We stood and watched a large number of horses prepare for the auction.  They were so well groomed and their coats shone in the sunshine.
Watching the movement, their legs, their behaviouir, their structure!
Rob, Uncle George and Colin
Our new baby is called "Live Controversy" and he will be going to Jaynes farm to prepare for his racing career! Let's hope he proves to be a Cracker Jack!  Rob was not impressed with me - I called him a donkey as he still has some of his winter coat on!  Was only teasing - he is beautiful!
The stud farm he comes from
Isn't he a star?
Very nice temperament too!
The day went by so quickly and all too soon it was time to say goodbye!  We were all tired, the horses were tired, it was dusty and starting to cool down!  Home was a welcome refuge, with a hot bubble bath and a mug of steaming hot chocolate!  But nothing was as beautiful as the highvel sunset over the skyline of Johannesburg!


Rebecca Louise. said...

He is so cute and he seems a worthy find. We tend have them auctions here but over cattle! Not as interesting I dont think lol.

Jeanette said...

How very interesting!!

Avril said...

Must show these to Elaine!

Firefly said...

Lets hope he brings the family lots of money.
ps. He does have a bit of a donkey face though.

Anonymous said...

how interesting - I visited a stud farm whilst in Germany earlier in the year and it was a completely different world!! all the best, Judith