Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Job!

Down our passage I have a small antique table with my Mother's family Bible and some old poetry books which belonged to my Grandmother. Sinead loves to stand and look at the books with the old magnifying glass. My MIL asked whether I ever change the pages of the Bible.

"I don't! But somebody does, because ever now and again I see we're on a different Psalm!"

No-one admitted to turning the pages ....

until ... CAUGHT IN THE ACT!

How we love this little Angel!


Avril said...

That's precious!
We also have a family bible but my brother has it - locked away - such a shame - I would love to have it but it has to be in the male side of the family.

Jeanette said...

What a beautiful and special moment you've captured. It's such a calm photo

pam said...

How cute!

A family bible is a wonderful thing to own.