Monday, May 11, 2009

Lovely Day and Presents!

Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day I had! And so many surprises!

We decided to go to Heia Safari who were having a Mother's Day special lunch! I have written about this venue before and I tell you, they didn't disappoint us! Bobby Louw (ex Bats and Dream Merchants) and Peter Taylor (ex Copperfield) entertained us with our favourite songs of the past (including hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's plus a bit of jazzy swing), while we sat back, relaxed and enjoyed some good company and a lovely lunch!

Talk about being spoilt! For the first time since we've been married, P bought me a Mother's Day gift - he always said " ... but you're not my Mother!" Of course I didn't expect anything and was quite surprised to be presented with the following .....

A lovely gift voucher from Phree Edge for a back and neck massage and an express manicure and pedicure! I am so looking forward to making the booking and going for a good relaxing session! Thank you P - I really loved that!
Stacey was so excited about giving me her present! She really has spoilt me! I LOVE tanzanites and she gave me a beautiful pair of tanzanite and diamond ear-rings for my birthday. Two Christmas' ago, she gave me a lovely little tanzanite and daimond pendant ... ... ...

... yesterday I got the ring! Oh how delighted I was! I am such a lucky Mum!

Stacey was very excited - she spent her birthday money! When she had her 21st, she was given a lot of money. She decided that some of it was going towards her overseas trip next year, and some would go towards a nice camera. Well, she bought it on Saturday - a Canon Digital EOS1000. It was on special and came with a tripod, 8 gigabyte memory card and a software package. She was delighted with it and took some lovely photographs on the week-end. Now it's time for a photographic course ... ...


pam said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Janet!

I am glad you got a little pampering, and a little more to come:)

Stacy will enjoy her camera, it looks a lot like ours.

Jeanette said...

Oh how very cool!!
Speak to Raymond about the course he's done... it's the best school around

Avril said...

Snap - I also got a pampering prezzie - from Elaine! Oooh can't wait!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!