Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Party Time!

Time to share some photo's taken at Stacey's 21st, taken by Jeanette! I still can't believe it's all over and back to normal! I find myself biting my tongue when she tells me she's going out! LOL! It's a mind over matter thing. Suddenly I don't feel "entitled" to lay down the rules! She thinks it's hysterical, but does tell me anyhow!

Mardi Gras Masks on the tables!
The tables were stunning!

Welcoming drinks - champagne and sparkling grape juice!

Birthday Girl dressed in true Mardi Gras style!
Getting her key from Ringmaster P! Little Sinead did not leave her side!

Tons of cup cakes - they were divine!

Stacey and her cousins, Keelan, Claire, Erin and Sinead in front!

'Varsity Friends!

Nana, Stacey and me!

Party Time!

"How swift have flown to me, thy girlish times,

A woman grown beneath my heedless eyes!

In vain I rack my fancy to believe the almanac,

That speak thee twenty one!"

Charles Lamb


Jenty said...

Hehe, love the photos you chose. It's still your house, you have to have some groundrules.

Janet said...

LOL! You're right! It just feels odd all of a sudden ....

Shaun said...

Pictures look great ! Thanks for posting !!!! Have a great day .

Avril said...

Love the photos of a great party! So colourful!
Yes - I know how you feel - it shouldn't change but it does! Giving way - even just a touch - and you hope that all you've 'taught' will carry them through ... !

Corey~living and loving said...

sure looks like a fun time was had. I love your hair. tee hee

pam said...

I had taken a sneak peak at the photographer's site. But, I was so glad to see them again. What a party!!

Firefly said...

Jeanette took some absolutely awesome pictures of what looks like a fantastic party

Marcelle said...

All the preperation then its over!!
But it really seems you made it very special for her...good photo's by Jenty as always,captured the spirit of the evening...

Regarding your latest post...hope your day is a better one today.