Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chickens and Rabbits!

Our presentation the other night was held at the Broadacres Shopping centre near Fourways! What a delightful centre - definitely a place to take Niunia shopping when she comes to Jozi again! The shops were so pretty and such an unusual variety - a place to do real shopping, not the kind you HAVE to do, but the "I definitely don't need this but LOVE it" kind of shopping - the kind of shopping I love!

We had coffee at "The Mugg & Bean"! Well, easter bunnies and chickens were all over the show! And so tame! Why, we even had Henny Penny sitting on the back of a chair, joining in our conversation!

Look at her feathers! They were beautiful and looked as though they had been painted on especially for the occasion!

Such a lovely place to take children - must remember that when Rob and the girls come over again! Sinead would LOVE it!


Firefly said...

I think my kids would enjoy it as well.

Mandi said...

I take my girls there all the time!

I love that bathroom shop there, so many unusual things to add interest to the room and then the girls enjoy Mugg& Bean after all the shopping.

They also have a lovely "tea room" that is joined to the Spar, they serve fantastic breakfast there and have the fireplace going in winter.

Jeanette said...

It's a lovely place, I've taken the kids there a few times.
There's also another tea place, other than the one Mandi spoke about... with the most divine play area.

pam said...

Looks like a great place to visit!