Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prehistoric Africa - an interesting thought!

What do we know about our human origins? Did humankind just SUDDENLY appear almost 250 000 years ago? Hmmm! In 1947 the skull remains of a human were found in South Africa and nicknamed Mrs Ples(after Plesianthropus – meaning almost human!) Mrs Ples is believed to be the distant relative of all humans. Although the skull is small, she definitely stood upright, like humans! She is believed to be between 2.5 and 2.8 million years old! She is housed at the Cradle of Humankind near Krugersdorp.

I have never really wondered about all of this, but I HAVE enjoyed reading about and listening to stories about the ancient Egyptians! I remember being fascinated, as a little girl, by archeologists digging away and dusting the bones / artifacts with brushes. When I was invited to a talk last night about discovering the oldest man-made structures on earth IN SOUTH AFRICA I can’t say that I was all the excited about going! Cindy organized the evening and Stacey came with us! Was I pleasantly surprised?
Michael Tellinger, scientist and explorer, had me captured! When I first saw photographs of “Adam’s Calendar” (a man made structure built in the Waterval Boven area) I thought of Stonehenge – in fact it has been called the “African Stonehenge”. He talked about the Zimbabwe ruins (I have been there - a story for another day!) about the hawk head sculptures very prevalent in Zimbabwe, the pyramids, and the winged disk of the Sumerians – is there a missing link and where is the real Cradle of Humankind?

This is estimated to be the oldest man-made structure on earth and it is around 75 000 years old. Reminded me of Stonehenge!

These ancient ruins are found all over our country and we were always taught that they were cattle kraals! Well , after listening to Michael last night - I don't think so!

I am going to watch this with interest. I have joined the interest group and hope to receive regular articles and updates from Michael on latest discoveries. I look forward to another visit to the Eastern Transvaal, where I can look at these places with new eyes!


pam said...

I love this as well! So interesting.

As a side note, the local schools here (four of them in total) have raised enough money to build a school in Africa. Tomorrow the schools present their money to Save the Children Fund. Emily is very excited about it.

Janet said...

Pam, I struggled to leave a comment on your blog this morning! Well done to Emily and her school friends! I would love to know where the school is. Please send her my very best regards!

Firefly said...

Must have been a very interesting evening. When I was in school I really wanted to be a archaeologist but the work prospects was limited. I still have a huge interest and have a small collection of fossils (although I have never found one myself). How do I join the interest group?