Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still waiting!

Yup - you guessed it!  No storm!  Not even a drop of rain or whisper of wind!  It's still overcast today and a little cooler, which is a blessing!  By the way, the photograph of clouds was taken from the car window - another fluke shot - I expected it to be blurred! Ha!

Was listening to the local radio station this morning and had a good cackle!  They were talking about countries and their national foods!  Made interesting listening!  There was a debate on SA and what our national food is!  Some people said "potjie kos" which is something like a stew made in a cast iron pot and cooked over a fire - tasty, but not something that EVERYONE eats, so that was voted off!  "Pap and Wors" - pap being a stiff porridige made from meal and wors is a sausage - normally made from beef with herbs and spices (lots of coriander) - also not everyone eats that - I don't!  The general consensus was that "braai" (barbeque) would have to fit the bill as no matter what race one belongs to - we ALL eat "braai"!  Whether it be beef, lamb, pork - from steak to bits of briskett - most South Africans eat "braai" - usually accompanied by a salad, a starch and/or vegetables!

This is by no means our national dish, but boy, is it my favourite!  We had this as our starter when we had dinner with Gordon and Les! YUM!

Leads me to a question!  What is YOUR national dish and do you like?


Firefly said...

Yip, I agree. The BRAAI must be South Africa's national food. Man, I'm lus for a braai right now.

Anonymous said...

This is Mr P (husband) again. What you write is clouded in lies(pun). There was a HUGE storm last night at 1 am. You were just fast asleep!!! A possible national dish is 'walkie talkies' which is chicken headsa nd feet. NOT my preferred dish. Prefer a good juicy steak and a bottle of Beyerskloof Pinotage 2006

Avril said...

Oops - don't want to get in-between a 'domestic' here !!
We didn't get the HUGE storm - just a spit and spot. Am also not that keen on wors but the one at the butcher at Lifestyle is the best we've had. It's very tasty! Yip - a good bottle of red sounds like a good idea!

Michelle said...

Hi Jan. Back at work after a nice holiday. Yes, braai definately SA's national food, but I agree with you that plate of prawns is real mouth-watering.

Hayley said...

Yip, the storm hit hard last night at about 12h00, on the East Rand. It was really bad!

I agree on the braai, i think it covers every single south african

pam said...

The first thing I thought of was maple syrup (of course) but then you made me think a little harder...so I googled it. It seems for Canada foods are pretty regional, not one that seems national.

So I am sticking with Canadian maple syrup!!(or Tim Horton's coffee)