Monday, January 19, 2009

Not me Monday!

I went and had my eyes tested last week - I had to - I am NOT finding it difficult to read and certainly don't hold my arm miles away from my face so that I can try and focus on the squiggly, black marks scrawled across the page!  Not me!  I'm too young for that!
I did not lose my sense of humour with our medical aid company because they won't pay for my specs in full and I have to pay in more than half .  I did not tell the consultant that I wear glasses to look like Elton John - my eyes are perfect - I'm still a youngster!
I have had such a good week on my diet - I really have and I did not climb into a vanilla cupcake with a vengence at lunch time today.  I had just eaten a healthy salad with a cup of green tea!  What would make me crave the fluffy, light sponge, smothered in a rich, creamy vanilla frosting.  I would NEVER succumb to temptation and wolf it down as if it were the last thing that was to pass my lips!  Not me!
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Have a happy week! LOL!


Firefly said...

I did not just wonder what such a cupcake would taste like. I also did not get up at 05h30 this morning to go cycle for 30minutes to not have to worry about cupcakes and I do not intend to make a habbit of it and get up every morning. No not me. Darn but my legs ache.

Firefly said...

I'm sorry. pegeo isn't some kind of funny word or insult I'm throwing your way for not having the cupcake. It was supposed to be the word verification which landed up at the top of the comment. No wonder it didn't want to post first time around.

Judith said...

Hi Janet - brilliant blog - made my day cos its so depressing here - pouring down with rain and I've got the light on in the office cos it's so dark and its 2.38 in the afternoon - roll on spring and summer. I am not depressed!! Judith

pam said...

I would lose my humour over the glasses issue as well. Did you pick out a funky pair? You will have to show us a picture.