Friday, January 23, 2009

Silly Girl!

You know, when your children grow up (Stacey will be 21 in April), you  don't expect to get frantic calls about bumped heads!  Yesterday afternoon, S went to visit some friends.  She called to say she would be home around 5'sh and "whats for dinner Mom!"  I left the office and on my way home, I get another call from her!  She sounded totally stressed out and almost in tears!
Me:        (starting to panic) "What's wrong Stacey?"
Stacey:  "I bumped my head!"
Me:       "Where are you?"
Stacey:  "Still at Cheryl's house."
Me:       "Are you alright?"
Stacey:  "Yes, but there was a lot of blood!"
Me:      "I'm on my way!"
I got to Cheryl's house and there she sat, white as a sheet and shaking like a leaf.  She had gone to the bathroom.  They have a glass shelf with a dustbin underneath it.  Stacey bent down to throw a tissue into the bin and stood up!  She hit her head on the corner of the glass shelf.  Fortunately she did not need stitches, but being a head wound it bled like crazy!  Anyhow, after a glass of sugar water, a coke and Mum a cup of coffee, she felt better and was able to drive her car home!
We did have a little giggle about it afterwards!  She's a bit of a "panic mechanic" and the sight of all the blood freaked her (and Cheryl!) out!  All's well that ends well!
Stacey with a tiger cub taken at the Rhino and Lion Game Park - BEFORE the injury! Ha!


Firefly said...

Just shows she will always be mommy's girl. Although blood freaks me out a bit too and I'm a guy.

Judith said...

Mum's come in handy don't we!!! I'll try and remind you next Thursday (if I remember)about Show and Tell Friday - it's my 1st time this week. Judith

Avril said...

Glad she's ok - Elaine is the same - a bit of a drama queen! But there again - I cannot handle the sight of blood!! Have no idea where my son got the inclination to be a paramedic .. and they handle all sorts of situations!!!! A very special calling - they are very special people!
The glasses are 'cool' by the way -I need an update on mine.

pam said...

It doesn't matter how old they get -- they always call for Mom when they need comfort!!

Glad she didn't need stitches.

Jenty said...

Hehe as my mom said, Elaine is the same. Glad it wasn't serious

Melissa said...

Nothing quite replaces your Mommy kissing yur boo-boo!

Happy to hear she's ok!

Eleanor said...

Hey, how nice to find a Gauteng blogger when I just thought Bloggyland was overrun with North Americans. I dropped by from Max-e Files in PE to find you. I am in Pretoria and been blogging for just over a year. Isnt' it just so much fun!