Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Glasses!

Ha! Not the most flattering photo, but here they are! The glasses that caused all the drama! Collected them yesterday afternoon and am VERY happy with them! P says they're too square, but I think they're "cool"! I have decided to give the contact lenses another go - week-ends only! I have multifocal contact lenses and they'r pretty comfortable. I wore them over the week-end! Felt quite strange to be honest - I haven't worn them for a while!

What a bother having weak eyes! I have thought about the laser treatment - and I have been told it is very successful. They say it is safe when performed by experienced doctors, using advanced equipment - I wouldn't do it any other way!! I can't imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and see things in my room without my glasses!

Step 1: liquid anesthetic is dropped into the eye, numbing it for surgery, eye lids are propped and the cornea is marked
Step 2: a suction ring holds the eye steady and and a platform for the cutting instrument is put in place - this will help they eye be cut cleanly and also dims the vision.
Step 3: cornea is moistened and the eye is cut. Instrument stops automatically and leaves an uncut section to act as a hinge
Step 4: after the suction is turned off and the cutting device removed - vision returns! The surgeon lifts the still attached corneal flap out of the way, exposing the underlying layers that must be excised by the laser.

In 4 easy steps - vision returned! I don't know .... I'm a bit of a scardy cat!


Firefly said...

I am having chills down my spine thinking of looking up and seeing them perform the procedure.

Cool glasses. Not quite Harry Potter but if it was people may ask you where your broom and cat was and that may just means somebody's end. I am digressing so I think its time to go.

Janet said...

Haha! Mr P would probably offer to show them my hiding place ...

Hayley said...

Love the glasses.

And I agree with Firefly, I could not even read that post properly, oh my word.

Judith said...

glasses look fab - Judith

Melissa said...

Tell P he's too square! The glasses rock!

I'm afraid of the surgery too, but I really want it! I'll get it if you do!

pam said...

The glasses look great!!