Monday, January 26, 2009

Not me Monday!

Wednesday evening. P and I decide that we’re going to Luigi’s for dinner. He has a meeting, so Stacey and I will meet him at the restaurant! On our way I remember it’s Wednesday night – that means lottery, so I stop off at the little service station. I park my car outside the front, right at the end (or so I thought). I pop into the little shop, pick up a packet of peppermints and buy my lottery ticket.
As I came out of the shop, I did not walk up to my car, open the door and see my daughter smoking in the passenger seat! Stacey?! Couldn’t be! I did not hold my breath as I put my peppermints in the consol and prepare to start the car. ( I had not left my keys in the ignition). I did not hear this voice saying “NJET!” and I did not feel my heart jump to my throat and pound! I did not apologise a million times, profusely and remember to pick up my peppermints! Jump out of the car and I did not apologise again … and again! I did not dart around to MY car, open the door and find Stacey, absolutely doubled over, laughing hysterically at me!
I did not blame my complete absentmindedness on my new glasses. I mean, who in their right mind, would climb into someone else’s car and make themselves completely at home! Not me!
Thursday night and I meet Stacey at the local grocery store. I didn’t really need anything, you know, I had not run out of essentials, I mean that would NEVER happen to me! Stacey has an addiction for creamed spinach and so I decided to buy some ready made, also, some ready made butternut. I would NEVER be so lazy as to buy ready made. Really, it’s so easy to make at home! However, there I was, at the check out counter, unpacking my basket, Stacey packing the bag on the other side. I leaned across to the lady behind me, (who had started unpacking her groceries) and helped myself to two tinfoil dishes with creamed spinach and butternut in them! “No,” she smiles, “those are mine”! Of course I KNEW that mine had been scanned and packed in the basket, ready to be paid for. Why on earth would I go and help myself to someone else’s?
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Hayley said...

Oh no, that is too funny!

Firefly said...

That is not funny at all. I won't laugh like this. *Snikker* *cough* *bwa, ha ha ha ha ha...* *snort* *giggle* *snort* No I won't.
I also won't tell you how I've never walked up to a car at the corner local supermarket reading my newspaper, sticking the key into the door and looking up to see the occupents laughing at me. No I won't.

Jeanette said...

Hehe :)

pam said...

I blame the new glasses as well!!

Very funny not me Monday! Have a great week.

Judith said...

it's an age thing!!! lol