Monday, January 5, 2009

Not me Monday!

Having been so unprepared this year, and finding Christmas creep up quietly but quickly, I am quite disappointed that it's all over ... so fast, and here we are, facing the New Year, with it's unknown challenges and exciting future ... and while thinking about the future, I found myself remembering some embarrassing confessions!

  • I did not weep on Friday at the thought of going back to work. Instead of being grateful for secure employment, I did not consider throwing in the towel and becoming a house-wife - not me!
  • I did not lie on the sofa with the fan blowing on me to keep cool, and feel so hot that I could have taken my skin off - not me!
  • I was not tempted to take down the Christmas decorations before the twelfth night, and only back off after my dad told me it would be unlucky - I would NEVER be superstitious, not me!
  • I did not scream for Philip in the middle of the night on Tuesday because I could see some exotic Indian woman dancing at my bathroom door - wake up with my heart racing, terrified - only children have bad dreams, not grown-up woman like me! Couldn't have been me! (I can tell you Philip wished it wasn't, he nearly had heart failure with my screams and of course - there was NOTHING there!)
  • I have not made any New Years resolutions. Not even quietly with no-one knowing. I would never make resolutions that I couldn't keep ... okay, so I do have a couple, but I'm keeping them secret that way no-one will know if I slip ... but of course I won't slip - that wouldn't happen - definitely not me!

Have a look at McMama's for some more "Not me Monday" laughs! Have a happy week!


Firefly said...

Now I'm kinda wondering about this exotic Indian woman dancing.

Megan said...

Oh man! Bad dreams suck!

Thanks for visiting. =)

pam said...

Again, so jealous of having to lay on the couch with a fan because it is so hot.

Great Not Me Monday post.