Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to normal!

... well almost!  Our domestic worker is still on leave - and that's super awful having to work all day and go home at night to ironing, cleaning, washing!  I guess we're pretty lucky in SA, but so help me, I would DIE without my Busi! And it's the twelfth night - so that means packing away the Christmas decorations!  Is there a Mary Poppins out there?  You know, spoon full of sugar, click of the finger, absolutely perfect in every way?  Please send her my way if you find her!

Talking about working hard, Mr B did his fair share on Sunday.  Our gardener is only coming back next week, so P cut the lawn (believe it or not!) and trimmed some trees that had been dipping their leaves into our pool - he was just so tired of cleaning them all out. 

Philip working hard!
Cooling off afterwards - wonder why the frown?
Best Friends forever - Vinegar and Holly watching Mr B in the water!
Stacey and I sat on the steps in the pool and watched all the action with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc - nothing wrong with that!   There are many times I'm NOT the one doing the looking! LOL!


pam said...

Your pool looks so beautiful and inviting. Not that I am jealous or anything.

Have a great day.

Firefly said...

Hey! We only get our domestic once every two weeks so we have to do most of that every night. My wife do have a dishwasher though... me. How I would love to have somebody every day (or every second or third day even)

Avril said...

Love hubby in the bushes!! Mine does the mowing every week - doesn't trust the gardener with the mower - but I do the rest - all the cutting, trimming - I don't trust the gardener with the clippers! He gets a little carried away sometimes!! and then we get odd shaped plants or simply just hacked away!! Once my whole row of tree ferns 'lost' all their branches on one side - I cried - literally!!!
Appreciate your comments. Travel with hubby? - that would be nice !!

Jeanette said...

I'm sure you'll be glad when Busi gets back to work!