Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunday was my day of "two's"! Two things to make Sunday fabulous!

First and foremost it was my dear cousin Shaun's birthday and we spent a superb day together with our families at Mythos, a new Greek restaurant at Bedord Square! We had the MOST delicious food and just being together was the best. We do NOT do it often enough!

Thank you Shaun for the best day!

The SECOND special thing about yesterday, was catching up with our sweetest twins, Taylor and Tenille! I just cannot believe how much they have grown! They are beautiful and I was very proud to have my picture taken with them! Thank you Mark and Tracey - your baby girls are the "bomb diggidy"!

See how I giggled nervously - everyone was calling and making noises to try and get the girls to smile, but they were having none of that!

As their bibs said, "It's a girl thing!"

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Jeanette said...

Awww, how very cute!!
They're so sweet :) love all the pink