Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Purple Flowers!

Philip always says that if you have not started studying by the time the Jacaranda trees blossom, you're in BIG trouble! Well, the trees are in full bloom everywhere - making one hell of a mess when the rain falls - looks like purple confetti everywhere! So, those who have not taken out their books had better beware! Most students have started their end of year exams! The matrics start on Thursday, and Stacey wrote Marketing on Monday! I caught her unawares last night busy with her books! She writes Business Mangement on Thursday!

Not only is it exam time, but Hindu people all over the world are celebrating Diwali (Festival of Lights). This is a real favourite amongst the children because of the lights, fireworks and sweets which play a large roll in the festivities. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Our neighbours were celebrating last night and called us over to join in the fun! Philip went across and came home with a box of sweet treats for us! VERY yummy!
A little box of sweet treats for us!
Not a good picture, but the little cream balls were to die for - a type of shortbread with nuts!


Jeanette said...

We had some sweetmeats in the office yesterday too, they're too sweet for me.
LOL at you catching Stacey unawares with her studying

Avril said...

Good luck to Stacey with her exams - thanks for your comments .. you were my very first (besides Jeanette of course!)