Thursday, October 16, 2008

No relief ...

... STILL no rain! It's been a little windy but not a cloud in sight. Maybe the week-end? I heard on the radio that the Vaal Dam is 80% full and that we're not in trouble yet, but its just so damn hot and dusty. We need some decent summer showers to settle the dust and wash away the germs!

Last night I spoilt Pip - BIG time! I gave him a pedicure! He has been complaining about his feet ever since we got back from Mauritius - I think the walks on the beach made them very rough! Well, was he pampered! Buffed, soaked in Olive Oil foot soak and exfoliated with my famous Lemon Meringue Stimulating hand scrub, which is just to die for! He was thrilled and enjoyed the moment! Stacey and Dale (her step-brother) went out to the comedy evening at Northgate. I was asleep when she got home (which is unusual for me!) - he is a nice boy and I guess I felt that she was safe!

As for today - let's keep hoping the rain clouds build up (as well as the markets) - jeepers they took a dive again yesterday as did the Rand - this morning we hit R18.10 to the Pound! Thank heavens no overseas trips in the planning or we'd be paying through our noses!!

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