Thursday, October 16, 2008


Forgot to tell you in my previous post! Stacey has been having trouble with her jaw. Many of you know that when she was 16 she had her jaw broken and re-structured as part of her orthodontic treatment. Her jaw has been troubling her for some weeks now, and yesterday she went to see the surgeon, Dr Ferretti. He was very pleased to see her and complimented her on her beautiful mouth! He was a bit concerned that one of the screws might have come loose (do you have a loose screw Stacey - hahaha!) which would have meant more surgery. However, he seems to think that she has "sprained" her jaw. He has given her a course of anti-inflammatories and she has to eat soft food for 10 days. If there is no improvement, she has to go back and he will take X-rays! He says its fairly common, but he is VERY happy with her jaw and says "It's just where I put it!"

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