Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Filling up!

Oh well! There's a problem somewhere - I cannot get my photographs loaded! I am going to have to re-check the file, perhaps its too big! :-(

Philip and I sat with our calendar on Monday night and boy oh boy! Is it filling up fast and furious! From Birthday parties to rugby finals, from Christenings to year-end functions, from theatre to Halloween parties! We have just about no free week-ends until into December! Plenty to look forward to, but its hectic - have manged to squeeze in one little date for our Dinner Club competition which we have to host this time! I do hope everyone can make it! Would hate to postpone - its one of our highlights and we love it!

Stacey has started preparing for her exams which start on the 27th October. I do not know where this year has gone!

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