Friday, October 10, 2008

Have you any idea ...

what it's like to work for a Stockbroker on days like these? Talk about depressing! The USA markets, Australian markets and Eastern markets take a dive (in fact the bloody bull just rolled over!) and we wake up to drama, stress and huge concerns! Heaven help us when the markets open and clients start phoning! We had a number of clients call and query their funds which are held in Money Market accounts yesterday - those holding large share portfolios are not happy campers! However, we shall wait and see what the day brings - as someone said to me this morning, when the biggest stock markets in the world have running noses, everyone else catches the cold! On a positive note, the oil price came down, and our Reserve Bank governor left interest rates unchanged - were hoping for a drop in the repo rate, but unchanged is better than an increase!

On a lighter note, I decided to post a picture of Philip with his "girls"! Alexandra's hair is shorter now and the braces have gone, but Stacey looks pretty much the same!

Tomorrow, Philip's beloved Sharks are playing in the Currie Cup semi final in Durban against the Lions! His "Shark Mobile" is being prepared (will post a picture on Monday!) and I am holding all fingers and thumbs that they win otherwise I will have one very unhappy husband for the rest of the season!

Have a fabulous week-end!

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