Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am so frustrated today. I CANNOT get my photo's loaded onto my blog for some reason. I am going to try again tonight and if I still cannot get it right, I will have to ask for help. I had no problems before, I just don't know if there is something wrong with the file, or if the photo's are too big ??? But it's driving me mad!

It's very hot here again today with temperatures expected to reach 35 degrees in Jozi. We have had NO rain and everything is very dry. Last night we sat outside and had dinner! It was just too hot in the dining room. I set the table outside near the "fairy garden" and it was so pleasant! I didn't even cook - we had a large platter with cheeses, cold meats, pickles, salad and fresh French bread! Ended the meal with some chocolate chuckles from Woolies!! (NOT allowed). On a serious note, we are desparate for rain. Everything is looking so very parched and there are warnings out for fires which are never a good thing!

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