Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting settled!

The rest of our holiday was spent doing all the fun beachy things you can imagine! We both came home sporting nice tans and a few extra kilo's! Even Philip has vowed to lay off the Black Labels for a while! We were sad that our holiday ended so quickly, but glad to come home! It's been very difficult getting back into routine though. It has been a long week and the early mornings don't seem to be getting any easier.

A holiday like this one make me realise just what a stressful environment we live in!

The year is rapidly approaching its end. The kids are having their matric farewells, Checkers have started displaying their Christmas decorations (yes, I nearly died when I saw that!) and Stacey is starting to stress for year-end exams!! I guess when we look again, it will be 2009 and one year closer to the FIFA World Cup! We have the YAP'S with us again this week-end - 7 youngsters from Belgium, Austria and Germany. I cannot believe its been a year since the last crowd were here! Looking forward to a fun week-end, our home filled with laughing kids, and loads of fun.

Until next week - God Bless and have a good week-end.

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