Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Another month-end is behind us and it was hectic. Its also the month for increases and bonuses. Haven't been given our figures yet, but we remain hopeful! Hmmm! Petrol goes up by 50 cents a litre tonight, and diesel by 70 cents. Petrol now costs one third MORE than it did 6 months ago. I know you pay more for petrol overseas, but remember we are earning rands so multiply by 12 if you work in Euros - not a joke! Tito Mbweni is talking about increasing interest rates by 2% later this month. I wonder where it will all end? I went and did some shopping on Saturday for odd household goodies - Philip nearly died when he saw what I spent and what I came home with. Its becoming ridiculous. One wonders how some people feed families of half a dozen.

It's been warm again, but expected to cool down this afternoon. Expected Gauteng weather for today - fine and windy becoming partly cloudy with ISOLATED SHOWERS! Johannesburg temp low of 4 degrees, high of 18. We should not experience winter rains!! Very odd!

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