Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Why are people allowed to drive around in unroadworthy cars in this country?? Where the hell do they get their licences from?? My beautiful little, shiny black car is hurt. I was driving home last night, going straight down Elnita Street, not exceeding any speed limits, and one of our locals turned right in front of me. He didn't look, he didn't indicate, he just TURNED!! Because he can ... I asked him why he turned in front of me and his response was (and I am NOT kidding!) "Eish! I was confused"!! I ask you with tears in my eyes. Philip came immediately and took control of the situation because I was ready to commit murder. He was driving in an old, clapped out silver Mazda, which was so full of bumps and scratches - I lay my bottom dollar on the line - that car was not roadworthy. Then he gives Philip his licence, which states that he was born in 1963 - hello! He looked as though he was 90 in the shade AND he was wearing a hat!

I spent the morning at the police station reporting the accident. Of course he has NO insurance and not a brass farthing to scratch his nose with. Thank God I am insured. It just annoys me that these people always get away with it. Everyone tells me to be thankful that I wasn't hurt and the car can be fixed - I know all of that, and I am thankful. We just can't afford this kind of crap right now ...

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