Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Time!

What a lovely week-end. Family time is special and precious, and we had one of those this week-end. Although Saturday was spent doing the normal shopping, we had a quiet evening at home and it was stunning. Philip decided to make a lamb potjie for dinner - it was simply the best! Lots of hearty vegetables and good Karoo Lamb. Red wine and lots of garlic! It was delicious. We served it with steamed rice and Portuguese Rolls. Philip had his favourite "staan vuur" on the go and we sat around it talking and catching up on the weeks happenings.

Sunday was spent in the South - we needed prawns! Craig and Dee, John and Cindy, and our little family met at 14h00. The food again was great! Really wanted an early night, but we only got home after 8! I feel quite shattered today. Philip has a 41er meeting so I will definitely hit the haystack EARLY!

Anyone know of a good massesue?? I really need a good massage ... ...

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