Monday, June 23, 2008

Eye Opener!

Philip and I went to Aruba Lounge on Saturday night! The party started at 10pm and ended at 5 am - needless to say we left just after 2. This is not the first time I have been to a club, but it definitely was one of our worst experiences. The party was not for anyone under 23, and I must admit that there might have been one or two kids who had sneaked in, but the majority were at least over 21. I would guess that most of the crowd were between 25 and 35.

We arrived in our glad rags after having been stopped by these HUGE Nigerian bouncers who checked our tickets and escorted us to the VIP Lounge. Our first encounter was with a woman in her early 30's. She was plastered! I honestly don't think she knew where she was. She made a move on my friend, and told her what a sexy b*tch she is!! My mouth hung open - then she proceeded to take a hand full of pills from a man and pop them down with champagne! She couldn't stand and nearly knocked our table over a few times! I found her extremely irritating - especially as I had only had 1 glass of wine, and was probably the most sober one around there!

I could not believe the women who came in there with the sole purpose of hooking any person, male or female. It was disgraceful - really. Philip said that people were injecting themselves in the mens toilet, people were being CARRIED out as they were too stoned or pissed to walk and Philip would not allow me to put my glass down, as there was a man walking around just "dipping" his fingers into unattended glasses - what was on his hands God alone knows! I was very happy, when just after 2, Philip said "Let's get out of here!"

The really frightening thing is that our kids frequent these clubs and the alcohol and drug abuse is blatent - they do not even TRY and hide it. As for the paparazzi that were supposed to be there - we saw no-one. A very disappointing evening all in all!

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