Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sorry Philip but I have to relate this story! Off to Sun City this afternoon for a couple of days - Pip very kindly says I can use his car because it has more boot room and with luggage for 3 ladies for a couple of days PLUS all the wine .... I needed more space than my little Polo was prepared to offer! Pack up this morning and head on my way - NO PETROL! So I pull off at a little garage near the Waterfront and fill up! NO OIL! To make my day, the petrol attendant unscrews the cap and the top comes off leaving the bottom tightly turned and no way to get the oil in!!! To cut a long story short, the manager came out with a pair of plyers, opens the cap, puts in the oil and closes with the plyers again! Cap will have to be replaced! Luckily its going in for a service next week!

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adriaan said...


I hope you had more place in that car, than what we had when we were going to sun city...:) but... good old times! Hope to be able to spend some other time in sun city... we want to see the casino there and maybe the bar that opens later in the evening?

nice blog, sure that I will check it once and a while

greetz from sunny Belgium!