Friday, December 14, 2012

Listening to the falling rain!

It's Friday night!  Not our usual Friday night - no sundowners in a crowded place, and dinner later at The Bistro!  No music, no laughter!  Each one going their separate way! 

It's Friday night and I sit alone on the patio in Woodmead Springs.  Rob's home that has become my solace.  My place of quiet, to think and rest.  Gentle raindrops falling, cleaning the air and bringing with it some calmness.  Crickets chirping in the background - loudly, 'cos that's what crickets do in Africa, especially when the warmer weather comes. 

There are no sparkling lights, no Christmas trees - just twinkling rain drops as they trickle down.  It's not our usual Friday night, but it's a peaceful one and I'm enjoying it!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Have a good night, Janet. I hope you are finding some peace.


You, dear one, are quite a woman...a great blogging friend and filled with positive outlook. That I know. As the song goes..."I will survive". As you will.

Those raindrops and crickets sound heavenly. It sprinkled here, but we're in winter and it was downright chilly. But not like other parts of USA.

Have a super weekend Janet.

Firefly said...

Even though everybody likes an evening out everybody NEEDS those quiet evenings in as well. I hope you are doing okay.