Monday, November 5, 2012

Blog Challenge – Post 4

My favourite book!

Reading has always been something that I enjoy, although I do go through spurts. Sometimes I read A LOT, and sometimes I don't read at all. Depends on what I have going on and how busy I am. I do tend to lose myself completely in my books and can't put them down – not very good at multitasking when it comes to reading! J Oh, and I cannot read more than one book at a time! I know many who do, but I like to finish one at a time!

This was a difficult post, because I have so many favourite books, I really don't think I could pick one specifically, so I am going to split this into two:

My favourite childhood book (besides the Valley of Adventure) must be Enid Blyton's "The Faraway Tree"! I remember so clearly, waking up in the middle of the night on freezing cold Free State evenings, when the rest of my family were tucked up in bed! I'd creep into the kitchen, and make myself a big cup of Milo, sit on the kitchen floor and read, and read until I couldn't anymore! I knew I'd be in trouble with my parents, because I hadn't had a good 10 hours sleep, and there was school the next day, but that was a chance I was prepared to take. I became so involved in the story and loved the characters. Jo, Bessie and Fanny were my heroes and I loved hearing about their adventures with MoonFace and the Saucepan Man, who clickety, clacked up and down the tree making an awful noise! I could smell the smells and taste the cakes served at teatime! I could feel Dame Washalots dirty water come rushing down the tree when turned her tub upside down and ducked for cover! Oh my! Just thinking about it brings back so many memories.

It's not an easy task, selecting my favourite Adult book, there have been so many, but I think the one that comes to mind almost immediately is "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtney. The story is set in South Africa in the 30's and 40's. It tells the story of young English speaking South African boy who is sent to an Afrikaans boarding school. Perhaps because it is set in the country of my birth, I can relate to the names and places. Having taught little boys for so many years, also helped make the story real for me, as I knew too well about what goes on at a boys school. I loved it – which reminds me, perhaps it's time I read it again!


Firefly said...

You just got me thinking. I don't really have a specific favorite book. Need to ponder that a bit.

Rebecca Louise. said...

eeekk I remember my Mum reading me that Enid Blyton book when I was little!!!

I really hope you can take part in the Christmas card exchange happening over at my blog!

cat said...

Oh the Power of One is a fantastic book!