Saturday, October 6, 2012

Heritage Day!

The 24th of September is a public holiday in South Africa - it is the day on which we celebrate our heritage. Living in a country with so much diversity, it is an opportunity for us to celebrate our roots, where we come from and what our heritage means to us.

Heritage day is (Wikipedia)"...when South Africans celebrate the diverse cultural heritage that makes up a "rainbow nation". It is the day to celebrate the contribution of all South Africans to the building of South Africa"

Heritage Day has fondly become known as "Braai (BBQ) Day" and what better way to spend a holiday than having a good old South African Braai! A few key ingredients of course!

An African Themed Table, with Guinea Fowl keeping an eye on tasy tidbits!

Some flags representing our heritage!

Some interesting preserves - Kwepers are bottled quinces, tasting almost like pears, that make a jolly tasty accompaniment to meat!

Lots of meat, sizzling away on a hot fire!

A healthy salad, filled with all sorts of good things - got to love the sprouts and radishes which add additional flavour and crunch! What about a potato bake, smothered in cream and cheese - a "mielie tert", made with sweetcorn, and of course, to round off the meal, some hot "marog" - a dish made with wild spinach, onion and garlic! Mmmmm - all washed down with some good South African wine.

The best part of our South African heritage is something sweet after dinner. "Malva Poeding" - a rich, sponge pudding made with apricot jam - soft and spongy, served with ice-cream or custard! The perfect way to end a truly South African meal.

With all our problems, we remain a proud and happy nation. A country full of friendly faces, and warm, welcoming folk, who love to have anyone visit their homes. A country which is full of surprises - who wouldn't be when you have 11 official languages!


cat said...

Well said - and I do think the humble braai unite us all


that pudding for the after dinner 'treat' sounds luscious.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

Eleven official languages! Wow. How many do you speak? We are just English and French and my French is pretty poor. It sounds like a nice day to celebrate everyone who makes up your great country.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Loving the British flag! And the food looks YUM!!!