Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graduation Day!

They say that good things come to those who wait, but good things also come to those who work hard - both of these have finally paid off for my beautiful Stacey.  Things have not been plain sailing, not only did she have to endure the frustration of looking for a good job, but there were other challenges in her life - and suddenly - those challenges seem so far away. 

From the moment the academic procession entered the Auditorium, while the chior sang Gaudeamus Igitur, my heart was filled with joy.

Today I watched as my daughter stood proud and tall on the stage at the University of Johannesburg, my daughter who knelt before the Chancellor as she was capped with her B Comm Honours degree! 

Congratulations Stace, you have made us so proud.  You have accomplished what you set out to do with enthusiasm.  You have found the happiness you have yearned for, and I wish you everything of the very best, as that is what you deserve, and I think you have found.  I love you so very much!


cat said...

Congratulations to her but to you too mom


This post fills my heart with joy. I can feel your pride...and know that "Stace" will go far beyond this dream and conquer her heart's desire.

Firefly said...

Congrats to her and the whole family. Hard work and dedication pays off in the end