Sunday, August 26, 2012

Introducing …

... Molly and Lucy!

I have a couple of posts lined up, but thought that it would be a good idea to introduce our new additions to the family, as they are such an integral part to our family! J Two little girls who have brought a whole lot of joy (and some sleepless nights) to our otherwise adult family!

Lucy: the little "old lady" – gentle and reserved. The one who is definitely in charge, but does allow herself to be chased, and teased until she's had enough! One little snap at Molly as if to say, ËNOUGH now you silly child!" She loves her food, but is adamant that she is to be served first and no-one may watch her, or she just walks away! She is the Mummy after all! The licker – she loves to lick Molly from head to toe, WHEN she can get her to settle down and lie still for a while! The big barker, who when we first got her, didn't have a voice!! Until she settled in, and then the whole neighbourhood knew we had a new dog! She's 11 years old and we inherited her from Rafe Levine, a radio talk show host on our local station. He's been to visit her a few times, and loves the way she's settled in and has become a part of our family! We're told she's a cross Yorkie / Dachshund!

Molly: our wild child – hyperactive and on the go! Although she is the baby, she tries her best to keep Lucy young, and chases, nips, and plays with her all the time. She is our chewer! Be careful – don't leave anything lying around! We've already lost some shoes, a couple of books and her tennis balls don't last long at all! She loves to tear down the passage and JUMP on the bed, falling off and starting all over again! She doesn't like squeaky toys – I had to give the ones we bought her to David who took them home for Jesse, their little dog! She was terrified of them, and ran to the back of the garden and hid away when we showed them to her. She loves her balls and loves to chase sticks. Food time is her best, and she gobbles down her meals in seconds, licking the bowl until it's as clean as a whistle! Stacey and Chris bought her for P for Father's Day. She is a rescue dog, and according to her vet card, is a border collie! She definitely has the markings and the personality of one! She's herded poor old Lucy into a corner and weaves not letting her move! Until Lucy gets grumpy of course!

A House is not a home, without a pet!



~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I agree a house is not a home without a pet or two. We love our dog so much and couldn't imagine our lives without her. I love the pictures of your two precious pups:)

Jackie K said...

Too cute Jan

Firefly said...

They're going to bring lots of hapiness to your home