Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A winter Garden!

With summer on it's way, I thought I would share my Father's winter garden with you.  Living in Kwa Zulu Natal brings with it many advantages, and one of those, is luscious gardens, rich soil, and an atmosphere that encourages growth even in old sticks!  Yes, believe it or not! Dad put some dead sticks in to assist his roses to stand straight and tall, and when he looked again, they had green shoots all over - of course having  green fingers helps too! ;)

There is something so peaceful about Dad's garden.  It's green and colourful - it's quiet and he's planning on putting a little bridge in the middle of the front lawn, just to give it some atmosphere!

We had a laugh while I was there, because his neighbours garden is a mess, and when he asked his domestic worker what she thought of his garden, she said "God made it beautiful!"  He  laughed and said that he must be pretty special then, because God clearly has no intention of making his neighbours look good!

His little sign seems to work.  No snails, no bugs, but he does have tiny black spiders that hop around on his lawn sometimes - be careful where you walk when they're out and about - they give bites that do no harm, but sting a bit!  Wonder if they're related to Charlotte?

And when the sun goes down, and the crickets chirp, the cicadas sing and the lights come on, it looks like fairyland.  Time to say good-night - a comfortable bed and a loving environment - the perfect place for rest!


Hayley said...

So pretty. For me there is nothing like a beautiful garden!

Rebecca Louise. said...


Jeanette said...

Gosh that's a beautiful winter garden

Avril said...

Oh that is so pretty !! It must be wonderful to garden there - am always envious of the lush gardens. Azaleas do wonderfully well there!!

Firefly said...

I seriously need to get into my garden before summer comes