Thursday, May 26, 2011

National Soup Day!

Winter has finally arrived! The temperatures dropped drastically over-night and there is a bitter chill in the air. Must be snow on the mountain tops? Brrrrrrrr!

Getting out of bed this morning was a nightmare. It felt as though my cheeks were frozen, covered in little ice chrystals, stinging the soft skin! My nose felt as thought it was running and my poor legs, just couldn't bring themselves to move from under the warm blankets. I thanked God for my lambskin slippers and pulled on my fluffy, blue gown, snuggling, before running to the shower and turning on the hot water tap! Once I stood under the hot water, beating down on my cold skin, I could feel my bones thawing – and I fought with myself to get out and dry up!

Even my poor little car grunted and groaned a bit – "why are you taking my out of my warm garage!"

All I can think of now is going home and making a steaming pot of hot soup! Creamy Mushroom garnished with cream and crispy mushroom chips, or Butternut with a dash of cinnamon and topped with blended pickled peppers! Oh My Gosh! What about a Roasted Tomato and marscapone cheese with crunchy breadsticks – ha! And maybe a chocolate soup for dessert! J

Yum! It's time to don that big apron, pull out the pots and some extra large soup bowls!


Marcelle said...

Keep warm
Soups you mentioned all sound lovely indeed.
I'm so loving our summer at the moment, the last thing I would want right now is winter....:)

Firefly said...

Butternut! I vote for Butternut Soup! My fivorite, specially when its slightly sweet. We're also having soup tonight in celebration of National Soup Day

Rebecca Louise. said...

It's summer here but I do LOVE soup in the winter! Tomato and Basil is my favourite!!!

cat said...

Wow, chocolate soup - that sounds great (although all the others sound pretty tasty too)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Winter?!!! Cold! Oh my goodness did you ever get my ancient bones aching in the chill of the day. I would love some of that mushroom soup. Hot, steamy and delicious.

Around here, it's blazing hot!! That I would much prefer. LOL

Josephine's Door

Happy Friday!!

Avril said...

Yum chocolate soup sounds nice!! I'm never adventurous with soups and always make a huge pot of mixed veggie and freeze the left overs. Butternut, my favourite, but cheat by buying the Woolies pack of ready chopped veggies. It's not hubby's so I end of with the ol' veggie one most of the time!!
My lemon meringue is similar to yours. I originally got the recipe from a biscuit/dessert booklet which came out of a magazine 'a hundred years ago' when I first got married! - I now substitute the biscuit base with short crust pastry with some lemon rind and a few drops of vanilla. The filling - I've also added lemon rind and two extra eggs (to feed my family!)

PAM said...

It is 30C here at 11 AM and the last thing I can think about is soup! Though, they all sound very good.