Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sea Smells!

I love going for a walk along the beach front, early in the morning as the warm sunshine strengthens, getting ready for eager sunbathers! To see the water crashing on the rocks, sending its salty spray high into the air, and to feel the sticky, warm drops land on my face. I lick my lips and taste the salt - it dries on my face - I watch and listen! Besides the sound of the sea, I hear a hungry sea gull, combing the beach for something to eat!

I breathe in. Long and hard. Until my lungs are so full I cannot take in any more! Out. And in and out!

What do I smell?  It's certainly fishy ... and salty! Is it the sea or what's inside it?
What do YOU think gives the sea it's smell?

Photographs taken by myself in Port Elizabeth near the Sacramento Cannon
January 2011


PAM said...

What a gorgeous beach! I am going to have to think about it...not sure what the smell is:0)

Firefly said...

Aaahhhhhh.... The smell of the sea... Right up there with the smell of cut grass, rain on a hot tar road, the smell of the forest and the smell of Karoo bush.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh my dear Janet...I do so love the open waters and the unlimited views of the sea. This post is purely perfection.

Thanks for visiting with me yesterday!!

Avril said...

Oh yes .. love it! So well written I can almost smell it and feel the gentle sea breeze on my face, if I close my eyes!! Visualization is a wonderful thing but it's better to be there!!!!! Have been wondering what photo to put up for my Skywatch - think I'll put a sea one now that I've read this :) !!!!!!

Holly said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the beach. :)