Sunday, February 20, 2011

O dear!

We were visiting friends the other night and P was quick to remind me that I was about to become a "sports widow"! A "sports widow" you might ask ... and rightly so! Something that my friends and I are familiar with!

It happens when you wake up on a Saturday morning - it's still dark and the stars have not disappeared from the velvet sky! You turn over and stretch your hand across the bed - to find a cold, empty spot!
And then you close your eyes and listen, in the distance you hear the television is on, and there is light creeping down the passage towards your now, open door!  That's when you realize the world cup cricket is on!

But that's not all ... no sooner have they finished a bunch of overs, he runs into the bedroom, changes his South African cricket shirt, pulls o a Sharks jersey, not stopping to comb his hair, grabs his "olde English rattle" and darts out to watch his beloved rugby team battle it out against some opposing side - screaming like a banshee! He SHOULD have been a rugby coach - wrong vocation buddy!

Comes home, cracks open a frosty and settles on the couch to watch yet ANOTHER Super 14 game - by which time I am so sick and tired of sport, that I go to our room with my new book, "The two Mrs Robinson's" by Donna Hay. Sleep comes quickly - until the next day! I know someone will be glued to the screen watching some crazy men hit a hard ball around a field with a wooden bat ....

Oh Dear!


Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiment 'O dear' take care, Judyx

PAM said...

I am so lucky that my hubby isn't a sports nut.

Avril said...

"O dear" is right!!! Sooo well written - love it! I have been a 'sports widow' forever! .. but just for this week, I have control of remote as hubby is away on business.

Firefly said...

Super Rugby, Vodacom Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, Pro20 semi's and final... Yip, its a sports lovers heaven. Pity I don't have DSTV.

Rebecca Louise. said...

You explained my Dad in a nutshell there. Must be the Woking-ness of them!

Hayley said... with you...thats my life. I have decided if you can beat them join them :-)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOL....okay, I must admit, I'm not that bad [having to get up in the middle of the night] ---but I do love baseball and the season is fast approaching for me. Bud will either have to join me. There is an old saying "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". I do know Bud would love to 'beat' me sometimes when I'm hooked on the game.

This was a fun post, to I do have to sympathize...or empathize y'all.

NESTING HERON at paradise ponds in today's post.

Thanks for coming by to say howdy this past Sunday!!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

My hubby doesn't do sport either. He'd rather watch the Discovery or Sci Fi channels.