Friday, August 13, 2010

A Good Night!

... it's chilly tonight, but it's a good one! P and Stacey have gone to KwaZulu Natal for our Busi's funeral. I couldn't go with them, I have obligations at home. I'm thankful, in a way. I don't know if I could face it. I'm glad I have a reason to stay behind.  Is that bad?  Busi "knows" I need to be with "Gogo" (granny in Zulu). And it's been a good day.

I left the hosital an hour ago. I left a Mom behind, who was sleeping peacefully, a drip dripping softly sending much needed food into her tummy! A drip that will be replaced with a syringe when we get home.  I look forward to going back tomorrow and seeing her satisfied ... and FULL! It's been a rough week with her in hospital, and she was VERY sick! But radiation has resumed, she's hydrated and looks so much better!

I'm staying at Rob's (my brother) house tonight! My family did not want me to go home alone. So here I am ... I've opened a bottle of Plaisir de Merle Sauvignon Blanc. It's cold and it tastes good! Green peppers and figs! It's quiet apart from the pool pump humming gently and water splashing into the chrystal, clear pool! I have time to think, and plan! I'll read my book and have a good night!

Tomorrow is a new day! A day full of promise! I'll practise the feeding. The stress of eating has gone! Taken away. There'll be no more fighting.  Mom will get strong and we'll fight this together!

It's a good night!


PAM said...

Your tone sounds so hopeful, and for that I am happy.

Our summer has been so hot and humid, I am actually looking forward to a chilly night! Fall is right around the corner now.


Rebecca Louise. said...

Thank you for your lovely commenet - really made me smile.

So PLEASED to hear your Mum is more settled and that more inteventions are in place to keep her comopfrtable, nourished and treating the cancer. Keep us updated!

Have a good sleep tonight :)

Riley Kai said...

God with see you through this! So glad to hear your mom is resting and getting nutrition! So important! Alwayings praying for her and you!

Jenty said...

Love the positivity :)

nickysnews said...

Jan, you're an amazing Lady! Proud to be your sis-in-law. Peace. xx

Gena D said...

Wonderfully written, very heartfelt Janet. My thoughts are with you thru this difficult time!

Firefly said...

I am really thinking of you and your mum. Its always good to have quiet time to oneself at such a time. Be strong.